off the wall: from the inside looking out
22nd february – 29th march 2020
lakeside arts, wallner gallery


standing on stardust
4th december 2019
bar eleven


library mural project
25th march 2019
the lanes primary school


is this art? how the internet disrupted the art world
23rd february – 31st march 2019
lakeside arts, wallner gallery
7th february 2019
bar eleven


7th april – 13th may 2018
lakeside arts, wallner gallery


groove is in the art
october 2017
bar eleven


work in progress
3rd – 11th february 2017
backlit gallery


vibrations and synesthesia
14th november – 3rd january 2016
new art exchange


movement & perspective
13th december – 8th february 2015


beyond bounds: the art of community
18th – 20th november 2013
bohunk institute


the island & the world: a scoop of adventure
15th – 22nd november 2013
the wall at hockley


100 heroes
5th april 2013
portland building, university of nottingham