“Since becoming a student of Art History, I’ve found myself constantly questioning the environment in which I work/play. The art world is a chaotic and exclusive microcosm, almost impenetrable by those who struggle to fit the conditions of entry. At times, it can be an intimidating space- especially for students. We often feel as though we have no place to explore, grow and thrive as creative minds.

Crop Up Gallery provides a space within which students are free not only to manifest their brilliance, but learn from one another. It is our goal as a collective to support one another throughout our journey into the professional art world and champion local talent, skill and passion.”

     –  Alice Reed, Director 2018/19.


Crop Up Gallery have written a concise manifesto that explicitly defines the ethics and aspirations of the curatorial collective.


  • CREATE: We will never stop striving to create innovative and exciting exhibitions that challenge the constraints of traditional display.
  • CRITICIZE: We will remain conscious of the world around us, constantly seeking to improve and develop a more inclusive future for the arts.
  • SUPPORT: We will aid each other, encouraging self-awareness, self-reflection and self-confidence.
  • UNITE: We will work with local artists, voices and venues so as to champion the talent within our community.
  • THRIVE: We will exist as an honest, free-thinking collective that is wholly authentic and ever-improving.

Words: Alice Reed and Milly Cooke.

Design: Milly Cooke.