collaborative project: scaling the sublime

Recently, Crop Up members, Molly Evans, (myself) Cecily Rainey and Poppy Wickenden, and Digital Humanities Centre volunteer, Chloe Austin have been working on a collaborative project using Artcodes for Lakeside’s exhibition ‘Scaling the Sublime: art at the limits of landscape.’ Consisting of work by seven artists: Rebecca Partridge (also co-curator), Richard T. Walker, Katie Paterson, Mariele Neudecker, Martin John Callanan, Simon Faithfull and Tim Knowles, the exhibition showcases a contemporary slant on Romanticism, land art and the sublime. A special thanks must go to DHC staff Matt Davies and Ben Bedwell for supporting us throughout this project and helping us with the more technological aspects.


Where did it all begin? Well, having met with co-curator Nicholas Alfrey, and Lakeside’s Head of Visual Arts, Neil Walker all the way back in November, it was clear they were particularly keen to engage students, especially since it’s the University’s own Arts Centre and only a handful experience its diverse programme. So we decided to get students involved with the exhibition through asking their opinion on the artworks. The artists work with natural phenomena and scientific data, so we devised a series of interviews with students from science-based disciplines including Astronomy, Environmental Science, Geography, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemistry and Natural Science, to hear their specific disciplinary perspectives. There were a few Art Historians thrown in for good measure and discussions were fascinating. Entering an exhibition in an Art Gallery, it has to be said we go with certain expectations, both in terms of the work on display and how we will analyse it. To offer a new angle, our science students did not disappoint; instead focusing on the materials and processes behind the work as well as the broader issues at play.

The video interviews are available to view via the Artcodes app. Firstly, you’ll have to download the app (which has a penguin symbol) and select the experience ‘Scaling the Sublime.’ The app then works in a similar way to QR codes so as you walk around the exhibition, look out for the ‘ship’ icon next to each artist’s name; hold your phone over the icon to scan it and it will link you to the playlist on Youtube. The exhibition is currently open until 17th June 2018 with Nicholas Alfrey’s lecture ‘Writing in the Ice – Turner’s Mountain Crossing’ on 2nd May, so don’t miss it!


Written by Cecily Rainey

Graphics by Molly Evans

Photography by Chloe Austin & Poppy Wickenden


Date For the Diary

Crop Up’s up-coming exhibition, ‘Sanctuary,’ opens on the 7th April 2018  in Lakeside’s Wallner Gallery, and will also be using Artcodes. This time linking you to a series of pages on our website, so don’t hesitate to explore what else we’ve been up to on the blog this year!

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