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Alongside the extensive variety of clubs and societies that are on offer at University of Nottingham, there is now an exciting new addition; we present to you Crop-Up Gallery.

Crop-Up Gallery is an entirely student-run curatorial group made up of single and joint honours art history students. The group was created to provide its members with a unique opportunity to utilise our individual creative interests and art historical knowledge towards curating art events and exhibitions; to gain valuable industry related experience and to integrate within the wider Nottingham arts community. As it stands, we are only the second university in the country to attempt anything of this sort, so is an enterprising initiative which has enormous potential.

Having only launched in February, we have already established a great network of dedicated and hard working team-members who have immediately started work on our first exhibition, which takes place inJune. So far we have secured a venue, and liaised with potential exhibiting artists and over the next few months we will be researching, marketing and promoting to make sure the show is a huge success. Our hotly anticipated opening night will be an exciting and interactive experience, which even we, ourselves cannot wait to be a part of, so make sure to watch out for further news to ensure you do not miss out!

Alongside the preparations for June, the group has already attended many art shows and local gallery events, and have made quite an impression on the wider arts community. We have full support from the art history department and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their encouragement and invaluable advice.

More than anything, establishing Crop-Up has been a lot of fun, and it has been great to meet other like-minded students wishing to work towards a shared passion; besides, what art history student wouldn’t enjoy attending gallery openings, socialising with curators and artists, and having the occasional complimentary beverage!

So think contemporary, engaging and current and you’ll be thinking along with us. We hope to breathe new life into art both within Nottingham and our University, and once our first exhibition proves to be the success that we know it will be, be sure to look out for us cropping up again with more equally exciting exhibitions all over Nottingham and beyond!

Crop-Up Gallery

Charlotte Hopson and Rachael Jones
Founder and Director of Promotions and Marketing



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