why i joined cropup: freshers edition

 Currently, I’m a second year History of Art student and Vice Director of Crop-Up Gallery. Since joining Crop-Up in my first term at uni, I’ve progressed from working on the events team to now shadowing the Director and helping put on some really cool events in and around Nottingham. Originally I’m from Birmingham, and started uni with very little gallery experience aside from a few months of volunteer work in local institutions, so the prospect of initially applying for Crop-Up was veeeeeery daunting. Not only was I new to Nottingham, but I was a fresher (!!!) and worried that my uni workload would be too intense for any extra-curricular things. As Crop-Up isn’t a society, it was hard to measure the level commitment I’d have to give and the effort it would require to be a member- scary. All these things aside, I applied in a desperate plea for some valuable and unique work experience that could benefit me throughout my time at uni, and in finding a career later on.

 To my surprise, Crop-Up was fun from the get-go. After my interview, I met the team and we immediately started planning for the year ahead. The first official meeting was cocktail-fuelled and super relaxed. Since then, we’ve put on an incredible exhibition, ‘Work In Progress’, at Backlit Gallery which attracted over 200 people in it’s opening evening, begun working on a Crop-Up zine, visited Art Fund talks in London, organised our fundraiser event, showcased artworks on uni campus and blogged about the whole thing. We’ve got an incredible amount of exciting things planned for the year ahead in partnership with some really cool venues in Nottingham, and much more success to come.

 Since it’s creation in 2012, Crop-Up has gone from strength to strength, built lasting relationships across the Nottingham art scene and really aided students in finding the right career path with the right experience. Plus, now that the Vice Chancellor of Nottingham Uni is an art historian, there’s no better time to join.

Written by Alice Reed

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