sarah watts

Sarah will be exploring our theme ‘Work in Progress’ through her installations that depict a journey through their space.

Check out our event here to see Sarah’s work:

When creating art work it is not just about the finished product, but also the process used, and the journey it takes through making. Art is of a flux; each stage is as important as its previous or next, and each work influences the development of the next piece. Time is forever changing, evolving, and moving, my work is devoted to finding the equilibrium of this fragility, in the attempt to capture a moment before it ceases to exist. I aim to portray a sense of static movement in my work, giving life to the material and activating the space it inhabits to question the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

My installations often convey a journey of which the viewer can explore through its exhibit, and maybe even envision what it could consist of next. They weave around the space they occupy, varying in response to the rooms interior. The materials I use fluctuate, but often have a temporality e.g. sponge, paper, feathers, string, light, and water.

However big or small its path, it’s tangible, it’s transitionary and its destination is unknown. I want the viewer to be able to follow its unique passage, and where will it take them? That’s their choice.

We live in a world full of challenges and anguish to face, it’s hard to comprehend how things will turn out, and we often cannot reach closure from the course. As people we need to attempt to accept this fatality.

I feel it is important that we cherish the time we all have and flourish in the change that accompanies it.

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