ryan heath

Ryan will be exploring our theme ‘Work in Progress’ through his mixed media paintings which draw inspiration from the role of the artist as a traditional recorder of the world.

Check out our our upcoming event here to see Ryan’s work: www.facebook.com/events/1822174388038924/

My practice is currently exploring the effects of cropping and manipulating imagery, both in the material sense but also in the digital realm of photography and post-production software. I take the traditional role of the artist as a recorder of the world, taking visual inspiration from the urban environment, I then use this documentation as a springboard for new compositions. They’re presented as open and seemingly unresolved mixed-media paintings. Graphical yet still retaining a physical presence.

The exhibition’s theme is very timely for us students showing work, due to the nature of still being in education it allows our work to be more open-ended and unresolved as we progress towards our degree shows. This can be exciting territory and I believe it will be a welcome change in comparison to more stagnant and static white cube exhibitions.

Ryan Heath insta square-01.jpg

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