emily simpson

Emily will be exploring our theme ‘Work in Progress’ through her work that explores the development of language in the digital age.

Check out our upcoming event to see her work in person: www.facebook.com/events/1822174388038924/

To Emily, ‘Work in Progress’ means an approach to making that is never fully resolved, a thread of thinking that realises itself as potential, a potential that is only ‘paused’ to exhibit. This thinking is focused around the internet, as a space that it is both everywhere and nowhere. For this generation and the next, the web has accelerated, shifted and augmented our modes of articulation. It allows us to access pasts and presents simultaneously, and to conceive potential futures within a quick click of a button.

Emily’s work explores how the URL impacts our understanding of the IRL. How our patterns of speech shift, such as the emoji or the purposeful use of ‘bad grammar and bad language’ online as an act of authenticity, as proof of the human rather than the programmed hand. Similarly, the way in which we store our thoughts has changed, we no longer need to remember them, but only to remember to Google them later. Through the online rhetoric, she questions what it means to be living in generation millennial, where we can’t figure out whether we are post-modern, post-internet, post-truth, post-human. And what does it even mean to be post-everything? Emily assess the internet as an altering and faltering space, as a certainty that creates uncertainty.


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