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Alasdair will be exploring our theme ‘Work in Progress’ through his video display that he argues forms an ‘infinite creative process’.

For more of Alasdair’s work visit his site:
And check out our upcoming event to see his work in person:

Exhibiting to me is an important part in the making process. As a fine art practitioner I spend a lot of time with my work, which can be a frustrating and equally rewarding process. What Crop Up are offering here is a rare opportunity to display works that aren’t at the point of completion. For me this is an opportunity to create dialogs with others outside of my university framework to engaged in critical dissection of a work in progress.

The nature of my work is the working process, it is challenging for me to define what would be a finished work as the performing nature of working with analogue and digital technology, creates an active thematic that eludes completion of an art work, and creates what could be an infinite working process that has no finality. This activity of an infinite creating process is due to the working nature of Technological performance and how I choose to work, display and document the medium.

I use VHS analogue tape as it is always reworking and altering my video footage with every play and creates a performance of the medium upon the spectator and the artist. To a certain degree I am relinquishing creative control, and allowing the variety of technical equipment I use to be the creator, that steps towards the idea that the machine is in fact the true Artist and I am its assistant. I chose to display a mechanical construction that display its working process, of visual/audio decay as a signifier of a Work in Progress.

My work has developed from cut and paste collage works that used 1950 cinema as its base subject. I moved off from paper cut and paste works to using a similar technique of random layering images, using the same process with film, sound, performance, installation and sculpture. Pasting together multiple artist platforms that become an multi layered motive of my own artistic identity. My difficulties with this is defining my work as one base medium e.g. painter sculptor, video, sound or performance artist as my work embodies all of these motives.

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