clare parr

Clare will be exploring our theme through her video work that mocks her initial intentions.

Check out Clare’s work here:

Form, function, sound. The seductiveness of the habitual everyday. Exploring the potential of minor situations and objects, I attempt to communicate an elevation of the mundane to create a conscious awareness, consequently changing the things/ objects/ situations pre-conceived expectations. Working in sculpture, video and sound I interrogate these situations and interests to investigate their seductive properties. Through a subtle mode of witticism and trickery, arises how I ask the viewer to engage with the work

‘Work in progress’ continues through to the exhibiting stage of my work. Responding to the ‘studio inspired’ exhibition set up I aim to exhibit a series of works. Focusing on a 3 monitor choreographed video piece with ambiguous audio. I want to mock up my intentions of the work. Through either using plinths/ propping/ resting monitors as well as ‘Light‘(2017) (sculptural installation) I want to communicate a possible language between the works. My initial thoughts also were to include sketches of ideas to show my thought process.

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