conor hurford

Conor will be exploring ‘Work in Progress’ through his naturally inspired sculptures in an array of form, colour and material.

Check out Conor’s work here:

The notion of narrative fascinates me, as it’s a space where anything can happen not simply because its’ read, heard or viewed, rather that its’ completed by the active participant or participants. It is ambiguity, relinquishing fact and accepting fiction. Naturally, this has led my practice where I have begun constructing my own mythology, where objects of interest, as well as writing are sent from the future for their past to investigate; aiming to ask the viewer the same questions which I find myself asking when coming across material objects of ambiguity. This very notion put’s what I make in a continual state of being ‘Work In Progress,’ as my world continually evolves so does that which fits into it. In the same way, I see the viewer to be as important as the artist because, without a suspension of disbelief, the World in which the objects have been sent would have no life other than that in my head.

I find concrete and resin fascinating to work with, both have practical casting and sculpting applications, as well as an array of aesthetics and finishes.

I’m presenting a selection of naturally inspired sculptures offering an array of form, colour and material, pointing towards other timelines and narratives through their ambiguity with Artefact 1 From The Forgotten Wilderness, a preservation of the fragility and majesty of nature, as my focal point.


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