bethany nugent

Bethany will be exploring ‘Work in Progress’ through her ongoing photography project on isolated landscapes.

This project, continues and evolves from last year where I created photographs of an isolated landscape, distancing the image from humanity, focusing on the movement of the land and embracing the sublime.
My more recent work chooses to focus on smaller segments of the land and its accompanying waters. Working with the fog and soft light of the winter morning, juxtaposed with the dark of night, I use a mixture of analogue and digital processes and manipulate during processing, emulating the pictorialist stylistic values that I admire, experimenting with long exposure time, solarisation, breathing and smearing Vaseline on my lens.
During printing I’ve experimented with the effects pairing these more delicate, softer toned images with red acrylic overlays – an idea formed from admiring photographs under darkroom lighting- has on the image as well as using tracing paper to exaggerate a foggy, dreamlike appearance.
I feel this work naturally sits well within the hand and thus create small books with series of photographs which contrast the larger pinned prints they accompany. This work is an ongoing project, it is a ‘Work-in-Progress’.


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