sam goddard

Sam will be exploring our theme ‘Work In Progress’ through his use of ageing materials that are ever-changing.

Check out Sam’s work here:

My inspiration has come from years of art projects of me trying to express my passions in life. I’ve grown up always having loved nature, and as long as I can remember I have always used a hands-on approach, using woodwork and other materials to make my work quite tactile and a little odd sometimes. In terms of the theme, my one greatest obsession in life are stories. Every object and every human have an endless amount of them, and these stories, whether inspired by what they’ve said or done, build up in my head. My work aims to express a mixture of fictional and real stories through characters built by my imagination and people watching. The ageing materials also fits in with the theme as it has seen a long tough life, and is constantly decaying because of it. So, using them as a canvas means the surface will forever be rotting, rusting or falling apart, and so the overall artwork will be changing all the time. Hence, will forever be a Work In Progress.


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