Well hi there. Get ready to sit down, buckle up and hold on tight for a few hundred words of just total dribble.

I realise that COVID-19 is pretty much all everyone is talking about at the moment, and you’d imagine that my dumb brain would realise that people probably don’t want to hear more about it in a blog post. NEVERTHELESS, I also know that this blog isn’t exactly stopping traffic, no, we’re not that classic cartoon woman showing her legs to stop traffic and get a lift. This means I am going to ignore my better judgement and write about the only thing I could think of.

One rather uneventful evening (as all my evenings are at this time) I stumbled across this little number. This article in the LA Times by Christopher Knight intrigued me. I’ll summarise very briefly for those of you too enthralled in this blog post to click away to the hyperlink I so graciously provided. Knight discusses a book by the art historian Millard Meiss in which he argued that the bubonic plague in Europe irrecoverably changed European art. A huge loss amongst the art community, made way for a next gen. of artists shaped by “their fear, their sense of guilt and the varieties of their religious response”. Yeah erm medieval art is not my no. 1 to be brutally honest with you, so I sort of skimmed. BUT Knight’s main point, that COVID-19 will do for the modern art world what the bubonic plague did way back…was a concept worth a discussion.

Okay, yeah, we are rocking pretty high levels of hysteria right now, (cheers to the media for that one), and things feel relatively crazy. As Knight points out, a lot of artists are probably at home right now, and for once have the time and the space to create, which is, lets be honest, a privilege. I guess Knight is expecting some artistic masterpieces to be crapped out of this pandemic, the next Guariento di Arpo’s “Madonna of Humility” awaits. Art is necessary escapism, particularly when we’re all confined. That’s not to say that things are all peachy though. If you work in the cultural sector and need financial help, you can apply for a grant here by the way.

Apparently, “fear, guilt and spiritual upheaval await”, thanks Chris. I hope y’all are well, and that everyone stays healthy, has enough food and is doing okay.

I realise this was very sporadic and not particularly brimming with clarity but I honestly couldn’t think of a way to conclude this one. We’ll be releasing our 3rd zine soon, so thanks to everyone who has sent us stuff – let’s see what we’ve all been creating whilst in isolation!

Written by Emily Stokes.

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