mr bingo & the walk

recently inspired by one of my favourite artists , ‘mr bingo’, i have walked about . usually aimlessly and happily . so from mr. bingo inspiring me, i’ll attempt to inspire whoever’s sorry soul is reading this .

self-confessed ‘artist, speaker and twat’, mr bingo. is an illustrator and artist probably most famous for his ‘hate mail’ series that was made into a book comprised of his illustrated mean postcards that were simultaneously big jokes . reminiscent of david shrigley, laurina paperina & @lumps on instagram, it isn’t a surprise that I <3 Mr. Bingo. however much i love his illustrations / tea towels / rap game is, right now , unimportant . recently mr. bingo embarked on a walking adventure on which he just strolled . without a destination in mind. he just got up one day, packed a bag and went on a long long leisurely (at times, I’m sure) saunter .

*disclaimer* I did not embark on such a lengthy journey by any stretch of the imagination (i am far too scared of being on my own in the dark and can only dream of having such time), but mister bingo’s adventure did inspire me to lose myself in the act of walking and take pleasure in photographing said walk . so, whilst mr. bingo walked for “13 days, 198 miles, 405,710 steps and 52 pubs” where he ended up in NOTTINGHAM ( it was meant to b), i walked for approximately 6 hours in and around leicester (the jewel of the midlands), so really our escapades are incomparable but OH WELL i had fun bro .

on mr bingo’s instagram (search @mr_bingstagram & click follow) he has created two highlights entitled ‘Lost Walk 01’ and ‘Lost Walk 01.2’ that comprise photos he took using his phone of various seemingly banal subjects he encountered upon his ‘lost walks’. these are three of my personal favies :


mr bingo’s photographic recording of his lost walk not only got me thinking about all the reading on the history of photography i have to engage with for this term’s modules, but also how i , and everyone else, take photos of everything and anything, that therefore begs the question ::: WHHHYYYYY ?! why did he take a pic of a taxidermized fox with a post-it note atop it ?? why did he snap the pink monitor face down in nature ?? what did he find so intriguing about the seemingly pointless (in size) protests about the housing crises and low work pay to certain individuals? this apparently quite meditative act of walking with no particular end goal in mind, and regular documentary technique one finds interesting, amusing or aesthetically pleasing is ostensibly very political, the more we scrutinise this kind of banal expedition.

walking and the theme of the ‘road trip’ are particularly common themes in American ’70s photography so this lost walk of mr. bingo’s is not particularly new or profound. BUT there

is a certain democracy about this artistic route & one I challenge u all to take. It is also really nice to go and explore new, or the same places, you’d otherwise ignore / pass by without a thought .

without further ado here are the photos i took on my big adventure to massive leicester on tuesday 25th february :

Written by Milly Cooke.

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