introducing: matt maltese

At age 19, the Reading, England-born musician self-released his debut EP ‘In a New Bed’, a set of heartfelt ballads recorded in his bedroom and written out of heartbreak. Since then, Maltese took the world by a toll, performing from UK to Europe to US in the past two years including Glastonbury festival last summer. Yet again, he pulls on our heartstrings as he releases his latest tracks ‘Curl Up and Die’, ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ and ‘Jupiter’.


Curl up and Die

With the EP art of Maltese mid-cry and title ‘Curl Up and Die’ you already know you’ll need Kleenex by your side. Using a ¾ simple triple meter, he immediately sets an intimate tender tone with its origins of 18-19th century waltz dances.

Speaking about the new single, Matt says, “It’s about the disgusting, absurd force of love. When the feeling is so all consuming that you’d happily crouch over and be nothing but a chair for them to sit on.” Multi-layered vocal floats over delicate shimmery twinkles of piano, it’s tender and overwhelmingly intense – much like love itself. The lyrics reinforce these crazily amorous feelings: “I worshipped the ground you walked on, I’d cut off my ear for you, I worshipped the towel you dried on, I’d kill all my friends for you.”

As his first venture into production, Matthas favoured the more unadorned approach, which complements the stark and reflective nature of the lyrics. He’s not lost his razor sharp ability to craft lyrics that are at once sincere and relatable; we feel this could soundtrack the next couple of years for a few heartbroken teenagers.


Rom-Come Gone Wrong

Combining depressingly relatable lyrics with gorgeous vocals, ‘Rom-Com Gone Wrong’ is certainly a perfect example of what to expect in Matt Maltese’s upcoming album, Krystal. The chorus line ‘This looks nothing like my life really should […] I feel just like I’m part of a Rom-Com gone wrong’ summarises the inevitable disappointing heartbreak that we all have (or will) experience at least once in our lives, and I’m grateful that Maltese has used his gorgeous vocals to successfully demonstrate this pain. A particular memorable aspect of this single which makes it so addictive are the beautiful, descending, chromatic harmonies within the chorus, which sound exactly what I imagine heaven would. Be sure to check out the music video and marvel at it’s bizarre humorous and beautiful aesthetic.


“It’s a song about pining, filled with desperation and delusion,” he explains of the new track. “A kind of melodramatic love-song for astronauts.” And after listening to this song many times, the extra-terrestrial sounding synth backing up Matt’s soft vocals really does make it all the more of a love song for astronauts.

Matt’s delicate vocals ring through hyperbolic descriptions of being hopelessly in love with someone, proclaiming how not even Jupiter could keep him away from the object of his affection and he would settle with being an ulcer in their mouth just to be close.

Soundtracked by his characteristically cinematic romantic soundscapes, it’s pretty adorbs regardless of the slightly OTT content. And tbh, think we can all relate the lyric: “You say hello and I’m nothing at all”. Sigh.


Written by Amber Chow

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