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i ( milly ) am back with another ramble tee hee cue eye rolls !

i get we (crop up) r a curatorial collective that focuses on *art* being *art* that people would consider *art* as in an overarching dictionary definition ~ see art in galleries / on walls / in frames / by artists who paint / draw /sculpt ETC ~ and that is really fun and nice and cool to talk about but as someone who writes abt art most of the time for her degree and other personal hobbies / activities, [[i’m not complaining thx]] i didn’t necessarily want to discuss THAT typical painty sketchy wishywashy framed exhibition *art* today. (lmao take a breath what a rad long sentence).

so with that being said imma talk about my favourite art ::::::: MUSIC BAYBEE !

i just did an ig poll on what topic i should write about ..and the general consensus said i should write abt the thing i am not writing about today but sorry folx it’s ♌ leo szn ♌ !!
*disclaimer i will probably write about the other thing like really soon so i am also just a big fat liar blaming my randomness on the stars*

without further ado here is my write on why AIR have definitively curated the best late night tales collection to date .


for those who dunno what the f i am rambling about here is a quickquick summary of what late night tales is [not to b confused with tate lates!] :

late night tales is a series of artist ( singer-songwriter rather than painter-sketcher-maker (USUALLY) ) curated compilations / collections made into albums … that sounds confusing but basically it’s a better cooler lesser known version of ” now that’s what i call music ……” but curated by singular artists as opposed to a mass corporation… ygm? if u still aren’t too sure follow this link:

so just how curators create make and curate exhibitions in galleries etc ,,, artists have curated a playlist, if you will, — each different and personal and really really good.

now yeah I say they are all sick and good and amazing but the LateNightTales: AIR is second to none . LIKE man ALIVE it is incredible . idk if i am just bias bc AIR are a french band (duo) and i have an affinity with French music / France in general or whether it’s because AIR are closely related to my favourite director , the queen sofia coppola , or WHAT but either way there is no escaping the true beauty and mastery and music_curatorial_genius at work in this compilation .

the first song that played when i shuffled this was “o venezia, venaga, venusia” by nino rota and to my virgin ears this grabbed me big time .. i mean this song caresses you everywhere and sends you away to some magic wonderland. so from the off this tugged at my inner musical core in a way none of the other late night tales have done .

II Casanova di Federico Fellini, Nino Rota

dw i am not gonna go thru every song in this curated playlist that would ruin the fun for when you inevitably listen to it !

then “ghosts” by japan started playing which is one of those songs, to me , that u forget is one of your favourites bc the sound of it is so deeply embedded in your brain that when u hear it,  a big mad rush of serotonin hits u and I mean really I think that’s when u know a song is good, better than good, .. the fact that japan made this tune , wrote these lyrics and mastered that melody is one thing, (david sylvian being a genius of his own art another) but that AIR included ghosts in their late night tales really gets me. i am  actually getting emotional and i haven’t cried in a year.



do you know what i have just realised, it probably is due to my love of france that nothing will beat AIR’s LNT . i am listening whilst writing and i forgot how many beaut— that’s not the right word…ethereal french songs there are woven into this collection. “thème de camille” by georges delerue is one of the only songs i could listen to on repeat that has no lyrics (i am a lyricist obsessionist) . i am actually going to watch contempt after this and see whether i cry at a new wave french-italian film.
“le long de la rivière tendre” is also on this compilation and i recommend…no i order you to watch narco bc sébastien tellier‘s soundtrack is almost as good as the soundtrack of lost in translation (which includes alone in kyoto by AIR).

i have written too much again i do not apologise. the last song i will briefly mention on this compilation of dreams is “i shall be released” by the band : and here I present _ another reason why this LNT is unbeaten _ : Bob Dylan. despite Dylan’s not-so-subtle interest in prisons, this song is a lot .

i tell u now the only only ONLY one single thing that could send this late night tales beyond the harmonic heavens is if spiritualized’s, broken heart, was included . That is obviously me just wanting what I can’t have bc that song actually does make me sob… anything jason pierce does makes me sob…. and I just think it would be nice if the kings of space rock /pop came together and a had a  big musicuddle. that’s all.


the real reason i wrote this was bc i had way too many thoughts abt this compilation and i needed to get them down somewhere so here u go.

However, although this is really j a love letter to AIR and their LNT compilation, I think we need to stretch beyond the realms of exhibitions and galleries and walls and displays of curation and wrap our arms around the best (imho) curated things [brain too small to think of a better word] : not tangible visible art, but aural musical art ~ thus not an exhibition, but a playlist. 

really a playlist and an exhibition are one and the same . they each make you feel (or at least try), they each have been curated, and they each have the same driving force behind them : art . it is just a shame that one would arguably be taken more seriously as a display of creativity .

i am quite obsessed with gallery curation and i would argue that a playlist/music compilation is the mother of an art exhibition .

but yes listen to all of late night tales ( on spotify / soundcloud / their website) ! i would b very very interested to hear what ur faves are . also bonus points to those who spot my fave david shrigley amongst the tales …

lots of love. milly x


p.s . shameless plug but make sure u follow our spotify : @cropupgallery ! we curate our own playlists to fit in with our monthly themes too !!! [ they r AIR LNT caliber ] .

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