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Director and Beavis & Butthead superfan – I love queer art. All of it – Alice Reed, Director.

I am basic and my fave artists change every day but anything in the realm of video or performance art have my heart. A few of my favourites in that field are Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic and my queen,  Ana Mendieta. It’s also no secret that the love of my life is Alexander McQueen so that’s me, kids! – Milly Cooke, Vice Director.


I joined Crop Up because I loved that it was an opportunity to work with a team of people to create and curate different spaces with different art! Personally, I tend to prefer 20th Century and contemporary art. Egon Schiele is probably my favourite artist. I also love conceptual art, maybe because a lot of people don’t, but I love that is has deeper meaning and idea behind it.  – Lola Crace

I’m obsessed with Hokusai’s The Great Wave to a point where I got socks and a fan with this design on them. My sock collection also includes Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, as the Renaissance is probably my favourite period.Weronika Bargiel

I’m from Cyprus and I get excited with anything sci-fi and I deeply appreciate a good book. – Maria Mavri

Visual Media, Content & Branding

I’m aware that it’s not to everyone’s taste but I’ve always liked minimalist art…even though I suppose it could be seen as dull, I think there’s something really interesting about how much can be said in so little.  Also the suprematists & constructivists from the early 20th Century have always elicited far more emotion from me than any kind of classical piece. – Emily Stokes

I can fit my whole fist in my mouth. – Katja Vääränen

I spent 5 years studying and making prints at school so William Morris is my true love. I really like textile works but painting with extreme detail is incredible to me, probably because I know I could never do it; so I love the Pre-Raphaelites (I’m so basic) and I also love Edouard Manet. – Amelia Mace

Public Relations & Strategic Communications

My first experience of art was the Lady Leverhulme collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings at Port Sunlight and after that I was hooked. I started out as a Curator working with the artists Sam Goddard and Conor Hurford for ‘Work in Progress’. In my second year I became PR Officer for Curation on ‘Sanctuary’ with Lakeside Arts and look forward to the projects we’ve got in store for the coming year.Nicholas Thompson

Creative arts lover, photography amateur, occasional flake – Charlotte Lockwood

I like Shimabuku because his work is clever and funny and not up itself like lots of conceptual stuff (don’t know if you can really say that but it’s true), and I like Joan Mitchell because her paintings are so powerful, especially in person. – Molly Boiling

Dissertationing on contemporary photography because I’m a fan of Andreas GurskyBella Jurczynski

Events & Public Programme Coordination

Two of my favourite artists are Yayoi Kusama because I love her immersive infinity rooms and beautifully obsessive paintings. Gustav Klimt I also think is incredible and his iconic golden period is fabulous!! – Amalie Dixey Watson

I joined Crop Up to meet new people who share the same interests. It’s an amazing opportunity to explore the art world and learn from each other. – Eden Parkinson

I don’t know how to whistle – Tilda Law

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