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Crop Up Gallery are a unique, student-led curatorial collective. Each academic year, we curate exciting and innovative exhibitions across Nottingham, showcasing predominantly local art. The ‘Gallery’ has no specific space or home- our exhibitions have previously run from notable galleries across Nottingham such as BACKLIT, Lakeside Arts and New Art Exchange.


We aim to provide our members with an incredibly unique work experience that sets them apart from other graduates. Volunteers must be hard working, dedicated and passionate to succeed as part of the team. They must be able to work closely with their peers, striving to be innovative, inclusive and inspiring in their practice, yet also be willing to compromise and adapt.


Our collective is composed of a Director (Alice), Vice Director (Milly) and 4 main teams: Events, PR, Curation and Visual Media. We will be accepting applications for each of these teams, although applicants are free to apply for multiple roles.

**(At the end of each year, a new Vice Director is selected. This tends to be a fresher, who will eventually move on to be Director in their Third Year.)



CURATION: scouting for artists, researching and developing exhibition themes/narratives, installing spaces, selecting spaces (where applicable), pushing new and exciting ideas forward, producing written content for exhibitions. Principally work alongside artists to ensure the smooth/happy running of exhibitions.


EVENTS: fundraising (when necessary), monitoring exhibition schedules, coordinating exhibition events such as artist talks, kids workshops etc., engaging a wide range of people with a strong push on inclusivity (for all ages, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities and so forth). Ensure all events are inclusive and promote the Crop Up brand well.


PR: building the Artist Support Scheme, contacting local newspapers/general marketing in partnership with curation and visual media, communicating with larger organisations to promote/advertise Crop Up. Help build Crop Up’s name and reputation throughout the year whilst also ensuring communication between teams is running smoothly.


VISUAL MEDIA: general social media posting, improving follower count and engagement, reaching wider audiences, managing and enhancing blog output, continuing to develop Crop Up’s organisational identity. Find new and exciting ways to engage our audience and expand our outreach.


We accept applications from ALL UoN students- we do not have a preference for students of Art History and welcome all ages, from freshers to postgrads.


To apply, please send 150 words about yourself to Within your email, please specify which role(s) you are applying for and why you think you’re perfect for the role. We will be hosting informal interviews in the days following the deadline.

Not sure if Crop Up is right for you? Have a read of this blog post about what being part of the team is really like.



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